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A required "I'm not dead" post. - Socks for you!

About A required "I'm not dead" post.

Previous Entry A required "I'm not dead" post. Apr. 7th, 2009 @ 08:26 pm Next Entry
Bah! I'm still alive and kicking. Getting sick, that sucks. Last weekend there was a local ACM contest between some schools in the triad. My team took second place! Hooray (and it was close).

I've applied to Google's Summer of Code. My project is entitled "Simplification of Authentication", as part of Gnome. The gist is that on one machine you say "Allow others to log on via this machine" and on a bunch of others you say "Log on via that machine". Now you only have one computer to keep up to date with everyone's user names and passwords, and any computer in your network can use those. Hence the Authentication. Can you do this already? Yes. Can you do it easily, let alone with two clicks? No. Hence the Simplification part. That's important when you discover you have seven+ logical operating systems:
  • Main computer, Ubuntu Linux partition

  • Main computer, Microsoft Windows Vista partition

  • Main computer, Microsoft Windows Vista virtual machine (so I don't have to reboot to test something)

  • Server

  • Netbook

  • Girl friend's computer

  • Test computer

  • Any other virtual machines I may run from time to time

Being able to have one log on helps tremendously here.

I wrote some patches to clean up Evolution, and remove some of the old libgnome (because libgnome Must Die).

Easter's coming up. I'm going to Charlotte.


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