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Well school's been out for a while. Obligitory grade post:
Computer Science 562 01Pinciples of Operating SystemsA-
Computer Science 563 01Basic Systems Administration LabA+
Computer Science 567 01Pinciples of Computer NetworksC-
English 105 05Introduction to NarritiveA-
Math 532 01Graph TheoryB-

This means that my semester GPA is a 3.05, or a B average, not too bad. I'm disappointed by the C- in Networks, but it was a "Revenge of the non-programmers" class -- everyone who hated programming did well. I'm (obviously) not in that category, nor did I find much of the information useful.

I'm still trying to get my room mate situation resolved. My preferred room mate waited too long to cancel his housing and got his balls caught in a vice by UNCG. Why do I need a room mate? In case you haven't heard Meg and I are no longer together (though we are still on friendly terms) and she's moved back to the Charlotte area. While obviously I'm upset, I'm done lamenting over that, and now all I can see is my entertainment system is not longer entertaining. 37+ HDTV downgraded to 21 SDTV. Blech.

I've wooted lately, my prize? Why Unlimitted supply of air! For a guy who regualarly does tech support and is in possession of too many computers, that's a good thing.

I got a full time job lined up, and I start on the first of June, but more on that later. These is enough words for now.

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