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I get asked this question sometimes, and after reading Hellow's Blog, I decided to post my responce in both places.

I don't own an Apple because I can't afford it -- more expensive for slightly different hardware. I can't customize it -- for a box which expresses how 'cool' you're supposed to be they all look really similar (you can't think different if everyone is on a Mac).

I don't use Microsoft Windows because I can't fix it -- most people aren't programmers, but the fact that simply knowing one (or being one) can get a bug fixed is awesome. I can't use it -- I can't work without multiple deskops and sloppy focus. Its just too painful.

I use Linux because I can do anything. I can do just about anything I want. :-)

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Date:February 20th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)

Sloppy focus

I can't use Windows without sloppy focus, so enable it
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